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Court allows import of sex dolls

The Seoul High Court ruled that the import of sex dolls should not be prohibited on grounds that that it corrupts public morals.

In 2017, a company made an import declaration of a 159-centimeter-tall headless sex doll made of silicon that resembles a female body, but Incheon Customs put the entry on hold, saying it corrupted public morals.


The company filed a complaint against the chief of Incheon Customs and the first trial ruled in favor of the Incheon Customs chief, based on the reasoning that the doll depicted the sexualized areas of the body, destroying the dignity of human beings.

Under customs law, goods that disrupt constitutional order, disturb public safety and order or corrupt public morals cannot be exported or imported.

In reversing the lower court decision, the Seoul High Court said that while it may seem vulgar, it does not show the sexual areas in full display to justify the claim that it destroys human dignity.

The court added that the country should not interfere with one’s private life to protect dignity and freedom, and there are no legal grounds to regulate the import of sexual devices.

The court also cited that other countries in Europe, North America and East Asia do not ban the import, manufacture and sales of sex dolls as the reason for its ruling.

By Park Ju-young (