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[Trending] YouTube creator Banzz announces engagement via Instagram

YouTube creator Banzz on Saturday dropped a surprise announcement via Instagram that is set to be married next year.

“I will be married next year!” Banzz said, uploading a selfie with his now fiancee to his official Instagram account.

“We haven’t fixed the date yet, but will tell you guys later. I feel a lot better now!” He added.

(Banzz`s Instagram)
(Banzz`s Instagram)

Banzz, one of the most popular broadcasters in Korea, is popular for his regular meokbang, or eating shows, held regularly via his YouTube channel. He had talked about his girlfriend during shows several times, but had never revealed any information about her until Saturday.

“I hadn’t revealed her face in public, as I couldn’t be responsible for her future if we break up. But now, I’m officially telling everyone as I’m sure I can take charge of her future from now on!” Banzz said in the post.

The post garnered over 70,000 likes and hundreds of comments celebrating the pending nuptials. As the surprise announcement went viral online, local search engines were plastered with news regarding Banzz and his girlfriend.

“I was taken aback as the news circulated online so much last night. I’d like to thank the reporters for covering my announcement,” Banzz said in another post on Sunday with a screen capture of the most viewed news rankings on search engine Nate. The news of Banzz’s engagement sat atop the rankings. 

Banzz, however, pointed out that there many comments saying his engagement was not a newsworthy story. 

(Banzz`s Instagram)
(Banzz`s Instagram)

“YouTube creator may not be considered as a proper job for now, so I understand that many people say ‘So what?’ But I’m sure that one day YouTube creator can be one of the promising jobs in the future,” Banzz opined.

The Instagram post recorded over 15,400 likes in 14 hours.

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