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[Video] Autumn blooms in pink nationwide

Pink muhly grass and crimson kochia bushes entrance Koreans

This autumn, photogenic muhly grass and kochia bushes have dyed South Korea’s landscape a mesmerizing shade of pink. Usually full of red, orange and yellow from the autumn leaves, the online world is now full of pink scenery and selfies shot at muhly parks, which are popping up fast around the nation.

(Shot and edited by Choi Ji-won and Lee So-jeong / The Korea Herald)

Although some worry that these exotic plants risk disturbing the natural botanic ecosystem, most people are welcoming of the muhly and kochia parks. Currently, there are more than 32 spots in South Korea where pink muhly can be found. The amount planted has increased almost 10-fold compared with two years ago.

It is said that an eco-park on Jeju Island first brought the pink muhly into the country in 2014. A pink muhly garden was established in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, last year. Since the pictures taken in Gyeongju caused an online sensation, local governments have been flurrying to organize their own pink muhly exhibitions. 

Pink muhly garden in Seoul Sky Park
Pink muhly garden in Seoul Sky Park

Originating from the US’ Mi dwest, muhly grass grows in warm, dry weather and is expected to last through November. If you still haven’t experienced its beauty, there isn’t much time left.

By Choi Ji-won (