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Mirae Asset tops global investments in innovative tech

[THE INVESTOR] Mirae Asset Global Investments, Korea’s largest asset management firm, is leading global investments in innovative technologies that power the fourth industrial revolution.

Mirae Asset G2 Innovation Fund, which invests in promising companies in the US and China, posted 23.51 percent of yearly rate of return as of last week, according to market researcher KG Zeroin, becoming the most profitable global equity fund in the industry.

The fund invests in companies that develop cutting-edge technologies that propel innovation, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data. The companies in its portfolio include Amazon, Visa, JP Morgan, Microsoft and Alibaba, among others.

According to data, the fund invested 43.14 percent in the IT sector, 25.36 percent in consumer goods, 14.82 percent in health care industry and 7.19 percent in finance sector. It is comprised of 77.08 percent US companies and the remaining 22.92 percent in China.

The fund’s high returns are attributed to its well diversified portfolio of companies spanning the US and China. The two countries, which are major powerhouses of high-tech industry, are ideal markets to offset systematic risks, thanks to relatively low correlation between the two, according to the firm.

“We expect to see further growth of the fund in the future as the fourth industrial revolution is becoming a new global trend,” an official at Mirae Asset said. “The US and China, which have an upper hand in such technologies, will benefit most from the innovation."

Mirae Asset’s other funds related to the fourth industrial revolution are also performing well. Mirae Asset Global Gross Fund recorded 13.44 percent yearly return, while the KOSPI-listed TIGER Global Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology ETF, posted 14.35 percent in yearly return.

Mirae Asset Global Investments operates in 12 countries. The extensive global network provides optimized research capabilities for new investment opportunities and the most up-to-date and in-depth market trends.

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