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Paris Baguette launches mobile delivery service

Paris Baguette, a bakery chain operated by Korean food giant SPC Group, will begin mobile delivery service from Saturday, the firm said Friday. 

Customers can order on SPC Group’s own Happy App or food delivery app Yogiyo, in addition to e-commerce channels G-Market or Auction. 

Paris Baguette launches its delivery service. (SPC)
Paris Baguette launches its delivery service. (SPC)

Products ranging from cakes to bread and sandwiches can be delivered from 1,100 stores across the country, the firm said. 

It plans to eventually roll out the service for all 3,400 stores in Korea. 

“We expect the delivery service to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction, as well as contribute to store sales. We will continue to offer a wide range of customer services,” said a Paris Baguette official.

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