IP Office eases patent process for foreign companies

By Shin Ji-hye
  • Published : Aug 9, 2018 - 15:29
  • Updated : Aug 9, 2018 - 17:43

The Korean Intellectual Property Office said Thursday that starting from Friday agents of foreign companies applying for a patent or trademark will face simpler lists of certifications to file in the process.
So far, agents of foreign companies have been required to submit notarial certificates to identify the authority of a signature included in the mandate letter for the agents’ representation in such a case the signature was not of the company’s CEO. Most other countries do not require the signature of the CEO and allow lower-level executives to legitimize the mandate, according to the office.

Korean Intellectual Property Office (Yonhap)

After receiving complaints from foreign companies that such an obligation is inconvenient and fail to reflect the general trend of other countries, the KIPO has revised bills in cooperation with the Korea Patent Attorneys Association. Companies that use stamps instead of signatures, naturally, would be irrelevant from the latest change.

KIPO Commissioner Sung Yun-mo said, “(Through the improved systems) we expect foreign companies to have less inconvenience related to notarial certificate.” 

By Shin Ji-hye (