Kim Ki-duk, Cho Jae-hyun refute ‘PD’s Notepad’ report

By Im Eun-byel
  • Published : Aug 8, 2018 - 20:05
  • Updated : Aug 8, 2018 - 20:05

Filmmaker Kim Ki-duk and actor Cho Jae-hyun have refuted additional allegations made by MBC’s investigative news show “PD’s Notepad.”

After revealing allegations of sexual harassment and assault regarding the two in March, the show aired a follow-up story Tuesday. On Wednesday, Kim and Cho, refuted the claims. 

Kim Ki-duk (left) and Cho Jae-hyun celebrate winning the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival for “Pieta” on Sept. 13, 2012. (Yonhap)

Kim said through his attorney that he hopes “the truth is revealed through an official legal procedure, not through a court of public opinion.”

The attorney also said that Kim has been labeled as a rapist without an investigation or a trial, as a result of the allegations made on “PD’s Notepad.” He asked the actresses to legally come forward, rather than to remain anonymous behind the press.

Cho also denied the allegations, issuing an official statement.

“The producer of ‘PD’s Notepad’ interviewed my former agency’s head. He denied the allegations but it was not mentioned in the show,” he said. “I will take strong actions against the program with false information and the related malicious comments.”

Tuesday’s episode said that the women who came forward are now suffering from the stress of having their identities revealed, the pressure of lawsuits and the fear of revenge.

In June, Kim sued the actresses who accused him of sexual abuse and the show for defamation and false accusations.

The production crew also met with additional women who claimed to be victims of sexual abuse by Kim and Cho.

Members of film staff, who had worked with Kim in the past, said they were sexually harassed by Kim. One said she was asked to sleep with him, and the other said he coercively groped her body.

The actress sued by Cho said she has been taking too many pills after the incident and is worried that she will not be able to conceive. She did not say what kind of pills they were. Another woman, who is not working in the entertainment sector, said she was sexually harassed by Cho at a karaoke restroom.

Two days before the broadcast, Kim applied for an injunction against airing the show. The injunction was declined earlier Tuesday.

By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com)