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Skeletal remains found in Busan multiunit house

Skeletal remains of a man were found Monday inside a multiunit house in Sasang-gu, central Busan, authorities said Tuesday.

According to Sasang police, the 55-year-old surnamed Jang is believed to have been dead for two months prior to the discovery.

Police said they received a call from the head of the village, who said he had not seen Jang for nearly two months and that there was an “odor coming from inside the house.” 


Accompanied by a social worker and the village chief, police and fire authorities busted the door open to Jang’s unit around 6 p.m. Monday.

The only remains left of Jang were reported to be bones and locks of hair on the kitchen floor. The deceased’s family told police that Jang had been battling a chronic illness, according to reports.

The National Forensic Service will conduct an autopsy on Jang to help the police find the exact cause of death.

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