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CJ vice chairwoman selected as one of 16 leader groups

CJ Group Vice Chairwoman Lee Mie-kyung has been selected as one of the 16 leaders of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative housed at the World Bank, the company said Tuesday.

The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, better known as We-Fi, helps empower female entrepreneurs in developing countries by providing various support programs. 

CJ Group Vice Chairwoman Lee Mie-kyung (CJ Group)
CJ Group Vice Chairwoman Lee Mie-kyung (CJ Group)

The international fund participated by 14 countries worldwide, including Korea, the US, and China was launched at annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank last October.

Joining Lee on the list of 16 leaders inspirational to female entrepreneurs, which We-Fi refers to as “champions,” was managing director of the IMF Christine Lagarde and World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim among others.

“Lee was recommended in recognition of her global economic and cultural networks and influence on top of the group’s role in spreading Hallyu worldwide,” the company said.

“We hope female entrepreneurs could help the world economy grow further via vigorous economic activities.” 

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