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Innocean Worldwide to host Marvel Run 2018

Innocean Worldwide, an advertising arm of Hyundai Motor Group, will host the Marvel Run 2018 at the Nanji Hangang Park as part of its efforts to boost future competitiveness, the company said Thursday.

Various venues incorporating Marvel characters, including a Hulk concept energy drink zone, will be offered. 

Poster of Marvel Run 2018 (Innocean Worldwide)
Poster of Marvel Run 2018 (Innocean Worldwide)

The 5 kilometer-long sports event will take place from Nanji Hangang Park to World Cup Stadium Park located in Sangam-dong, eastern Seoul, on April 21.

Innocean Worldwide has acquired license from Walt Disney Company Korea to host the second Marvel Run here, the company said. 

Starting with the Marvel Run, the company plans to map out long-term business strategies to expand its presence in Korea’s growing sports market.

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