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Day 4 of Seoul Fashion Week

With a full load of sunshine, Friday’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza was filled with crowds visiting for the fourth day of the 2018 fall-winter HERA Seoul Fashion Week. Local fashion brands continued to stage inspiring shows. Following are the three highlights of the day.

Nohant (Seoul Collection)

(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

Nohant’s runway mimicked a city street under construction.

The brand’s collection for upcoming fall and winter seasons was labeled as “Dosi,” meaning city in Korean. The wallpaper of the stage was decorated like the exterior walls of a construction site, with caution signs.

The color yellow, when used to signal danger, was used as the highlighting color. Amid the overall use of gray, light khaki and blue, yellow stood out.

The collection was focused on simple, chic designs, such as wide hemmed pants and dandy jackets. Fashion items, such as socks and bags, were elaborate and colorful. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

Actor Yoo Ah-in, known for passionately endorsing the brand, attended the show as a guest. JBJ’s Kwon Hyun-bin, who is also a model, walked on the runway as the closing model, showcasing a burgundy coat with a hood shaped like a basketball net.

Nohant, led by designer Nam Noah, aims for a “Brunch Look,” curating the casual elegance of Parisians. The brand is widely known for efficiently combining English letters with hangeul, the Korean alphabet.

Nohant hope to create an essential look for men and women, based on its founding principles: a simple, timeless esthetic, and effortless sophistication.

The Centaur (Seoul Collection)

(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

The Centaur’s collection could be defined as “duplicity,” as the show grasped two different concepts, which seem to be the opposite of each other, at once.

The first half of the show displayed preppy looks with an achromatic use of color, with mainly black and white garments gracing the runway. The most noticeable piece was the tweed suit look with glittering cubic buttons, which are the symbols of the brand.

“Pastoral” was the keyword for the last half of the collection. The garments were placed in a romantic, pastoral mood using pastel colors. The music set the mood as well, with electric sounds that resembled the singing of birds. 
(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

The two concepts were linked together through the use of accessories. All the models wore glittery stilettos and bold chandelier earrings. Delicate, romantic wrist cuffs from batiste and laces finished the looks.

The Centaur, a character from Greek mythology, has the intelligence of a man, but is foolish like an animal. Designer Ye Ran-ji named the brand as The Centaur, hoping that it can depict art and fashion at the same time.

MOHO (Generation Next) 

(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

MOHO’s concept was “Stability from Instability,” depicting the process of radioactive decay. It combined the destructive image of radioactivity with an oriental image of death.

The garments were inspired by a Korean monk’s robe. The thick, gray fabric was used throughout all the clothes. Though the color and the texture might be dull, the outfits emitted a powerful energy through their bulky and distinctive shape. 

(Seoul Design Foundation)
(Seoul Design Foundation)

The models’ heads were painted with black ink, coming down to the forehead as if the ink was dripping, adding to the gothic atmosphere of the show.

Designer Lee Ku-ho’s motto is to seek the process and continuity of creativity. The brand hopes to break away from the conventional way of thinking. 

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