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[Video] Extraordinary stories of ordinary police officers

tvN’s new drama “Live” invites viewers to a patrol division

TvN’s new drama series “Live” features countless police officers.

But there aren’t any amazing heroes, thrilling cases or exciting mysteries. Rather than focusing on spectacular events, the overall plot centers on the everyday lives of average police officers.

Jung Yu-mi and Lee Kwang-soo play the lead roles in the Saturday-Sunday drama, as rookies who just started at a busy patrol division. They learn to handle drunken citizens, find lost children and help out with the daily difficulties of the public. 

The script is written by famed scriptwriter Noh Hee-kyung, who is known for her detailed portrayals of ordinary people. She was motivated to write the script from her experience of participating in the candlelight vigils last year.

“I wondered why the police (at the protest scenes) weren’t able to look me straight in the eye. Are they here because they want to be?” Noh said at a press conference held Tuesday in southern Seoul. “Sparked by curiosity, I began to look into their lives.”

Growing up in the 1980s, the writer didn’t have a friendly attitude towards police officers, thinking that they aren’t necessary in the society. But after doing in-depth research about police officers, she was shocked by the poor treatment that they receive and also the amount of work that they do.

“The average life span of police officers is 63, the shortest of all public service workers,” she said. “If one expects a hero’s story or a satisfying revenge, that person might be disappointed. It’s the story of ordinary people who say that they are living a life in the forefront, as cannon fodder.”
Jung Yu-mi (left) and Lee Kwang-soo pose for photos at a media briefing Tuesday at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. (tvN)
Jung Yu-mi (left) and Lee Kwang-soo pose for photos at a media briefing Tuesday at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. (tvN)

Actress Jung Yu-mi, currently enjoying mega-stardom after appearing in entertainment show “Yoon’s Kitchen,” shared her wish to deliver the emotions of police officers.

“As I have not been much of a brave person, I haven’t been an actress who delivers a social message,” she said. “After listening to the synopsis, however, I wanted to take the role to let viewers know about the hardships of police officers.”

It is actor Lee Kwang-soo’s third time working with the writer and Noh revealed her trust in the actor.

“There are people who work hard, outshining their talents,” she said. “Lee is one of them. His diligence outshines his talent.”

The 18-episode show “Live” will start airing on Saturday at 9 p.m. on tvN.

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