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Lexus Korea releases flagship premium hybrid

Lexus Korea released the LS 500h flagship premium hybrid sedan Wednesday in Jamsil, eastern Seoul.

The premium carmaker introduced the fifth-generation model at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

It took 11 years to design the fully changed LS 500h.

The company highlighted during a press launch that it represents the new segment that has combined premium and hybrid models.

The LS 500h flagship premium hybrid sedan (Lexus Korea)
The LS 500h flagship premium hybrid sedan (Lexus Korea)

The automaker’s flagship models have been targeting the small yet lucrative pool of customers. Its previous fourth-generation LS600hl, priced at 170 million won ($156,400) to 180 million won, sold 19 vehicles.

The company has set the target for the LS 500h at 1,200 units.

Lee Byung-jin, director of the Lexus operation division, expressed confidence, citing the sedan’s hybrid efficiency and other additional functions. He named the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BWM’s 7 series as its main rivals. He said many of the 300 customers who had made reservations were previously Benz owners.

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