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Singles give gifts to sweethearts' parents for Chuseok, Seol: survey

The majority of South Korean singles gave gifts to their sweethearts' parents for the Chuseok and Seol holidays, a survey showed Wednesday.

About 64 percent of the respondents said they did so during Chuseok, a traditional holiday similar to Thanksgiving in the US, and Seol, the Lunar New Year's Day, according to the survey. The findings were based on the screening of 492 people carried out by Gayeon Matchmaking Consulting Service, a Seoul-based wedding agency.

About 63 percent of the men questioned said they gave presents to the parents of their girlfriends, while 65 percent of women said they did the same for their boyfriends.

About 38 percent said they provided gifts to the parents regardless of the duration of how long they had been dating, while 31 percent said they gave presents only after a marriage proposal was made or if they had already met their lovers' parents before.

About 23 percent said they gave presents after one or two years of dating.

Red ginseng and other health foods were the most popular gift items, with 45 percent having opted for this choice, while apples, pears and other fruits came in second at 27 percent. (Yonhap)