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[팟캐스트](212) 전쟁 시 대처법, 文-푸틴 “대북 원유 공급 중단” 언급


진행자: 박세환, Anita McKay

1. 전쟁 시 알아야 할 생존요령 4가지 

기사요약: 북한의 지속적인 도발에도 전쟁 시 생존법을 관심있게 살펴보는 국민은 많지 않다. 코리아헤럴드가 행정안전부를 통해 전쟁 유형별 시민행동요령을 알아봤다.

Four steps to take if war breaks out

[1] The basics 

Despite living under constant threat of war, South Koreans rarely possess emergency supply kits at home or know how to assemble one. This may be an opportunity to put one together, since it is helpful not just in war, but in other emergencies, such as an earthquake or flood. 

*possess: 가지고 있다
*assemble: 모으다

[2] According to the Security Ministry, the kit should at least include these items: necessary medications, a battery-powered radio with extra batteries, a flashlight, candles, gas masks, as well as food and water for at least three days. 

*medications: 의약품

[3] Experts also advise families to think of their own contingency plan, such as when and how to contact one another in case of an emergency.

*contingency plan: 만일의 사태에 대비한 계획
*in case of~ : ~의 경우에

[4] As for foreign residents, stay tuned to your respective embassy if you feel a war may break out, as your home country may have a plan sorted out for you. “Once you have decided to leave the country, you should follow evacuation instructions from your respective embassy, since there may be airlines and airports designated by the government for evacuation,” an official at the ministry said.

*evacuation: 탈출
*respective: 각각의


2. 문재인 대통령, 푸틴에 “대북 원유 공급 중단” 언급 

기사요약: 문재인 대통령이 4일 밤 블라디미르 푸틴 러시아 대통령과의 통화에서 북한의 6차 핵실험에 따른 대응방안을 논의했다. 문 대통령은 국제사회의 대북 원유 공급 중단과 북한 해외 노동자의 수입 금지 등을 언급했다.

Time to consider cutting oil supplies to NK: Moon

[1] Further hardening his stance against North Korea, President Moon Jae-in said that it is time for the international community to consider cutting oil supplies to the defiant regime.

*harden: 강화시키다
*consider: 고려하다
*cut: 중단시키다
*defiant: 반항적인, 도전하는

[2]The remark came in a late-night phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, which capped a long day of trying to rally leaders of major powers against the North’s fast-advancing nuclear weapons program, while beefing up the South’s own military capabilities.

*remark: 언급, 발언
*late-night: 늦은 밤의
*cap: to cover
*rally: 집결시키다, 단결하다
*beef up: 강화하다
*military capabilities: 군사능력

[3]“It is time that measures for fundamentally cutting off North Korea’s foreign currency income and cutting off crude oil supply should be considered by the UN Security Council,” Moon was quoted as saying by his chief press officer Yoon Young-chan.  

*measures: 방안
*fundamentally: 근본적으로, 완전히
*cut off: 자르다, 중단시키다
*crude oil supply: 원유생산