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[팟캐스트](208) 이재용 부회장 재판, 범죄 외국인 긴급출국정지 제도

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong (Yonhap)
Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong (Yonhap)
진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry

1. 특별검사팀, 이재용 삼성전자 부회장 12년 구형

박영수 특별검사팀이 이재용 삼성전자 부회장에 대해 징역 12년을 구형했
다. 이는 2006년 김우중 대우그룹 회장에게 구형한 15년 이후 최대 구형량
이다. 25일 법원 1심 선고에서 형량이 어떻게 나올지 관심이 모아지고 있

Samsung, heir's fate hangs on 'trial of the century'

[1] With the court ruling on Samsung's de facto chief scheduled for Aug. 25, questions are being raised over not only the fate of the billionaire himself, but the future of the conglomerate as well.

* Court ruling: 판결 (decision) (-> trial)
* De facto: 사실상, 실질적
* Billionaire: 억만장자 (millionaire)

[2] The prosecution on Monday demanded Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong be sentenced to 12 years in jail for his alleged role in a bribery scandal that saw the nation's president impeached.

* Alleged: 의혹/혐의가 있는, 주장된
* Bribery scandal: 뇌물수수
* Impeached: 탄핵

[3] In contrast to Lee's unexpected tenure at a detention center in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, since February, the state of Samsung Electronics has never been better.

* tenure: ~에 머무는 기간, 재임기간/교수 종신재직권
* detention center: 구치소, 수용소

[4] In the second quarter, the crown jewel of the conglomerate was set to become the most profitable company in the world, beating Apple for the first time. The share price of Samsung Electronics has surged 32 percent this year.

* crown jewel: 중심, 가장 귀한 부분
* conglomerate: 대기업, 복합 집합체
* surge: 급등/급증하다

기사 전문:

2. 도주, 증거인멸 가능성 있는 외국인 범죄자 출국금지 가능

문재인 대통령 주재로 청와대에서 열린 국무회의에서 출입국관리법 일부 개정안이 의결되었다. 개정안에 따르면 외국인 피의자가 증거를 인멸하거나 도망갈 우려가 있을 때 출국정지를 요청할 수 있게 된다.

Seoul seeks tighter control on foreign crime suspects

[1] Foreign nationals suspected of serious crimes are to be subjected to the same travel ban measures as Korean nationals, with a partial revision to related regulations being approved at Tuesday's Cabinet meeting.

* suspect: 의심하다
* be subjected to: 당하다, 받다, 대상이다 (pressure/criticism)
* travel ban: 여행금지
* related: 관련된

[2] The amended Immigration Act will enable investigative authorities to request emergency departure prohibitions to be issued on foreign suspects considered likely to flee or destroy evidence.

* amend: 개정하다, 수정하다
* investigative authorities: 수사당국
* prohibition: 금지
* flee: 도망가다 (flight risk)
* destroy evidence: 증거인멸

[3] At present, the minister of justice has the authority to issue emergency departure prohibitions on Korean nationals suspected of crimes subject to the death penalty, indefinite imprisonment or imprisonment of at least three years. The current act does not apply the same measures to foreign nationals.

* at present: 현재 (presently)
* issue: 발급하다
* death penalty: 사형
* apply to: ~적용하다