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Morocco marks 18th anniversary of king’s accession to throne

By Joel Lee

Published : Aug. 7, 2017 - 19:48

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The Moroccan Embassy marked the 18th anniversary of the accession to the throne of King Mohammed VI last week.

The event also celebrated thriving ties between Morocco and Korea, now 55 years in the making diplomatically and expanding into all-inclusive realms.

“The Throne Day is a symbol of love, loyalty, sacrifice, faithfulness and strong ties between the king and his people, based on a firm pledge of allegiance and obligations,” said Moroccan Ambassador to Korea Chafik Rachadi in a speech at a reception in Seoul on July 31. “The Moroccan monarchy is one of the oldest in the world, and our state is also deeply rooted in the Moroccan history and its civilizational memory.”

King Mohammed VI, who assumed his throne in 1999, has put in concerted efforts to reform, democratize and modernize Morocco, the envoy said. 

Moroccan King Mohammed VI Moroccan King Mohammed VI

“The monarch enhanced state institutions and established a cohesive and united society built around the values of openness, moderation, tolerance and dialogue,” he noted.

In particular, structural economic reforms have significantly improved the country’s investment climate and strengthened public-private partnerships, leading to the overhaul and new provision of infrastructures, Rachadi highlighted. The king also laid down democracy and human rights as fundamental national values, while harmonizing domestic advances and international obligations, particularly drawing on the south-south cooperation, according to the politician-turned-diplomat.

Morocco hosted the 22nd United Nations Climate Change Conference -- known as the Conference of the Parties 22 -- in Marrakesh last November, where the main focus was on addressing water scarcity, cleanliness and water-related sustainability -- issues of vital significance to the developing world and Africa.

Under the king’s auspices, Morocco rejoined the African Union on Jan. 31, after quitting the continental club for more than 33 years following a diplomatic row with some member states over the sovereignty of Western Sahara. Morocco’s re-entry is expected to herald a new era of regional security and economic cooperation, observers said.

Another key objective of the monarch has been educating and training of students and citizens, both in and around Morocco, with numerous scholarships granted to foreigners, according to the diplomatic mission. Furthermore, Morocco has accepted and regularized the conditions of more than 25,000 illegal migrant workers since last December in an effort to integrate them into its society and economy.

Morocco and Korea established their diplomatic relations in 1962. The two countries have strengthened cooperation in a wide array of areas, encompassing trade and investment, infrastructure construction, transport and logistics, education and sciences, and culture and technology.

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