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Interactive bulletin board GoTouch to enter global market via Indiegogo

Anyractive has been crowdfunding for its independently developed interactive bulletin board GoTouch via Indiegogo since Dec 13, the company announced.

GoTouch already conducted a successful campaign on Kickstarter in October, through which it earned $110,000, far exceeding its goal of $30,000.

Screen capture of the GoTouch Indiegogo campaign
Screen capture of the GoTouch Indiegogo campaign

Sung Hyun Lim, CEO of the company, said, “This product, which we have promoted on the top two US crowdfunding platforms, is the 2.0 version, which can be used in both mobile and web environments. It is currently in the early production stage and will be released in February 2017. With this product, we have now completed the groundwork for entering the global market in earnest.”

GoTouch is a smart electronic device that enables interactive communication by converting any display (e.g. mobile device, PC, TV, projector) into a large, interactive bulletin board. Featuring an electronic pen that can be used for writing or drawing and equipped with saving and multilateral sharing functions, GoTouch is expected to be used in a wide range of settings, including conference rooms, classrooms, and the home.

Lim said, “As a new type of tool that enables interactive visual conversation in real time, GoTouch will facilitate various types of productive communication, such as brainstorming and concept meetings.”

GoTouch’s electronic pen and sensor weigh only 70 grams, making it highly portable. The official retail price is $159, but was lowered to $99 for the Indiegogo campaign. “The support we received from the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation was incredibly helpful in planning our overseas debut,” Lim said.