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Highest supertide in 19 years expected on west coast

A maritime research agency Monday forecast a supertide on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula, predicting sea levels to reach the highest in 19 years between Oct. 28 and Nov. 2.

These supertides take place every 18.6 years when the moon is closest to the Earth in orbit. At these times, the sea level increases 20 to 50 centimeters, the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency said.

The Korea Coast Guard will reinforce inspections on ship mooring facilities for safe ship navigation and conduct checkups on lowlands of the coastline.

“At such high tides, even vessels at berth are not assuring. Full attention is needed to prevent accidents in the period,” the chief of Gunsan coastguard, Jeon Hyeon-myeong, said.

The coastguard body also issued warnings for possible sewage flooding in coast regions including Incheon, Mokpo and Changwon.

By Jo He-rim  (