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Korea to adopt US UHD TV standard

[THE INVESTOR] Korea has decided to opt for ATSC 3.0, a technology standard in the US for ultra-high definition broadcasting, over the European standard DVB-T2, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said July 26.

Most of the TVs made by Korean TV makers including Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are based on the European standard, a relatively outdated technology compared to the US counterpart.

Samsung Electronics’ 105-inch UHD TV / Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics’ 105-inch UHD TV / Samsung Electronics

As a result, many of those who want to watch UHD content on their current UHD TV need to install a set-top box.

The ministry explained that only UHD TVs that receive broadcast signals through an antenna need a new set-top box while those that receive signals through landline networks do not need to install it.

Aiming to lower the cost burden for consumers, the ministry said it will consult with the Korean TV makers for the pricing of set-top boxes.

“The ATSC 3.0 standard fits IPTV services and boasts a high level of compatibility with other mobile devices,” the ministry said.

The nation’s major broadcasting firms KBS, MBC and SBS will start the UHD broadcasting services in February 2017.

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