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Korea to increase flights to France

[THE INVESTOR] Korea and France have reached an agreement to increase flights between the two countries, allowing more visitors to travel easily, the Transport Ministry said on June 23.

The number of flights from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport will be increased to 14 from 12 every week, the ministry said. 

The agreement was reached during the bilateral aviation talks in Paris from June 21-22.

As to the exact timing of increased flights, the two cities will decide in follow-up talks scheduled for next March.

The two sides also agreed to allow Korean airlines to operate cargo flights two times a week until March.

Paris is one of the countries that Koreans visit the most when visiting Europe. In 2015 alone, 580,114 people visited Paris, an increase from 514,515 in 2014 and 487,321 in 2013.

By Ahn Sung-mi (