[팟캐스트](102) 국정원 ‘민간 사찰용’ 해킹 논란 외 1건

By Shin Ji-hye
  • Published : Jul 15, 2015 - 13:25
  • Updated : Jul 15, 2015 - 14:12

진행자: 석지현, Julie Jackson

1. 국정원 ‘민간 사찰용’ 해킹 논란

기사요약: 1. 국가정보원이 최근 이탈리아 업체로부터 해킹 소프트웨어를 구입·기술 문의를 했다는 논란에 대해 일부 시인하면서 '대북·외국 정보 연구 개발용'이라고 강조했다. 야당은 제기된 의혹이 사실이라면 이는 단순한 일탈과 불법이 아니라 반국가적 행위라며 철저한 진상규명을 요구하고 있다.

Korean intelligence agency faces fresh wiretapping allegations

[1] South Korea’s top intelligence official on Tuesday denied fresh allegations that the country’s spy agency had illegally wiretapped citizens with assistance from an Italian contractor.

*intelligence: 기밀, 정보 (intelligence official 요원)
*wiretap: 도청하다 
*assistance: 도움, 지원 (=help, backed by)

[2] Local reports alleged the National Intelligence Service had bugged individuals using malware purchased from Hacking Team, a Milan-based surveillance provider. The allegations come amid increasing public distrust in the spy agency, which is accused of meddling in the 2012 presidential elections.

*bug: 도청장치를 설치하다 (=tap, phone-tap, listen on, eavesdrop)
*surveillance: 감시, 감독 
*distrust: 불신 (=mistrust)
*meddle: 간섭하다, 개입하다 (=engage in)

[3] NIS chief Lee Byung-ho confirmed the purchase of the malware, but denied having used them against ordinary citizens, adding that the malware was used to monitor “up to 20 North Korean spies,” according to lawmakers who questioned him at a closed-door parliamentary inquiry Tuesday.

*deny: 부인하다 (=refuse to admit something)
*monitor: 감시하다 (=keep watch on, keep under surveillance)
*closed-door: 비공개의

2. 조현아 "한국서 재판해야" 미 법원에 소송각하 요구

기사요약: 조현아 전 대한항공 부사장이 항공기 회항 사건과 관련해 뉴욕법원에 제기된 민사소송을 각하해달라고 요청했다. 소송을 제기한 대한항공 직원이나 증인이 모두 한국인인 만큼 재판도 한국에서 이뤄져야 한다는 주장이다.

팟빵 (안드로이드): http://www.podbbang.com/ch/6638

Korean Air heiress seeks to dismiss nut rage lawsuit in U.S.

[1] Heather Cho, the oldest daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, has asked a U.S. court to dismiss a lawsuit involving an onboard tantrum dubbed “nut rage” on Tuesday, saying the case should be handled by a court in Korea. 
*dismiss: 기각하다 (묵살하다)
*onboard: 기내의, 차내의 
*tantrum: 성질, 짜증 
*dubbed: ~라고 불리는 

[2] “It is more appropriate to hold a plea in Korea as all parties related to the case are Korean nationals and investigations were also conducted in the country,” an attorney representing Cho said.  
*appropriate: 합당하다
*hold a plea: 재판하다
*conduct: 실행하다, 진행하다 (conduct an interview)

[3] The motion comes months after a flight attendant who was harassed by the former Korean Air vice president Cho filed a civil suit against the airline and the executive with the Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Queens in March.
*motion:발의, 서면
*harass: 괴롭히다, 희롱하다
*civil suit:  민사소송