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Lee Min-ho gives gifts to staff to celebrate his birthday

Actor Lee Min-ho celebrated his 28th birthday by sharing gifts with all the staff working on his upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.”

(Starhouse Ent.)
(Starhouse Ent.)
According to his agency, Lee gave all the staff an eco-friendly towel and a T-shirt in honor of his birthday on June 22.

The T-shirt was specially designed by PROMIZ, a donation platform site made by Lee.

The name “PROMIZ” is a combination of the word “Promise,” the actor’s name and his fan club’s name, “MINOZ.” Lee launched the page with his fans to share love and help those in need.

Along with the gifts, Lee also gave a card to the staff. The card said, “More than half of the movie production is done. I hope we can end it well. Fighting!”

The card also had a picture of Lee holding a sign saying “Gangnam Blues Daebak!” to wish for the success of the movie.

“Before starting PROMIZ, I used to receive gifts from others for my birthday. This time, I decided to give presents for a change with my fans. It was just as good as receiving,” Lee was quoted as saying.

“Gangnam Blues” is to be released in the second half of this year.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (