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Singer launches W10b Dokdo fundraising drive online

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct. 25, 2013 - 19:05

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Kim Jang-hoon Kim Jang-hoon
Kim Jang-hoon, a pop singer well known for promoting Korea overseas, has launched a campaign to create a 10 billion won ($941,000) Dokdo fund online.

The launch also marks the Oct. 25 Dokdo Day.

According to his agency Concert World, Kim kicked off the drive to collect donations from internet users through Daum, a local internet portal, and GoodbuySelly, a website run by singer-turned-businessman Kim Tae-wook.

“I set the target amount at 10 billion won as an expression of strong will,” Kim said. “Now that Japan began promoting its claim over the Korean islands on the governmental level, I thought we should do something about it. But the Korean government and companies have been lukewarm, so I had no other way but to push ahead with the campaign involving the public.”

As of Friday, Daum has raised more than 5.9 million won. Concert World says that the amount is rapidly growing, with many people leaving encouraging comments as well.

The agency said that the initial positive response to the campaign indicates the possibility of extending his “Dokdo Art Show” globally. However, it added that his plan to hold a concert in Tokyo was aborted apparently because of the art show event.

Kim is scheduled to visit New York next month to distribute free T-shirts promoting hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and stage the “Dokdo Art Show in New York” from Nov. 18-24, before moving to Washington for a concert in December.

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