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No more freezing fingers taking a call

Warm and heated IT accessories enable smartphone-control easier in winter

It takes courage to pull your bare hands out of your pockets in an icy wind just to answer a phone call or check a message.

Thankfully, several companies have invented cozy or heated IT accessories that prevent the user’s hands reddening while ensuring their social life doesn’t suffer.

ETD Design has produced “Touch Plus,” a glove made of electrostatic fiber that works with smart phone touchscreens just as bare skin would.
ETD Design’s “Touch Plus”
ETD Design’s “Touch Plus”

It works for all five fingers, too. It may, however, be less effective for delicate controls like playing games. The electrostatic fiber may also wear out when washed too often. The price is 27,000 won.

Juicy Couture aims to keep ears warm even while listening to music outdoors. On top of being extra cute, with a tartan design and rabbit fur, the women’s wear brand’s “Fairisle earmuff headphone” also works like a headphone.

The quality of the sound, unfortunately, is lacking as the product focuses more on cute design and warmth. But it still has all the basic functions of a headphone like volume-control, making it a fair choice for those who care less about sound quality and more about design and keeping warm. It costs 144,000 won. 
Juicy Couture’s “Fairisle earmuff headphone.” (Danawa)
Juicy Couture’s “Fairisle earmuff headphone.” (Danawa)
Aerial 7 “Sound Disk Beanie”
Aerial 7 “Sound Disk Beanie”

If the earmuffs are too girlish, try Aerial 7’s “Sound Disk Beanie.” Two tiny speakers are hidden inside the beanies to play music when connected to an mp3 player or smart phone. It is also possible to make hands-free calls through the microphone and remote controller connected to the beanie.

Stylish, warm and easy-to-wear, the product is perfect to use while enjoying skiing or snowboarding. The only weak point is that other people might hear your phone calls or music you are listening to as it uses speakers instead of earphones. The price is 55,200 won.

IT product maker iRiver’s electronic heating pad “IPH10” not only keeps your hands warm but also charges your smart phone. The mouse-sized heating pad can be charged through an USB terminal and stays heated for about five hours.

When it is not being used as a heating pad, it can be used as a supplementary battery for IT gadgets. The price is 43,000 won.

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