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LS Cable & System improves daily lives

First, I would like to give special thanks to the judges for offering LS Cable & System a grand prize for The Korea Herald Advertising Award.

LS Cable & System is a leading provider of electricity supply equipment and infrastructure for communication, which are crucial foundations to modern industries.

As one of the top 3 global cable companies, we hold the world’s best technology in the industry through the development of submarine cables and high temperature superconducting cables. Both products were invented by LS Cable & System and helped open up many global business opportunities.

The focus of this year’s advertisement was to show how LS Cable & System’s state-of-the-art technology is contributing to people’s daily lives, therefore branding the corporate image and promote what the company does. In the advertisement that received the award, we pushed for an environment-friendly image.

LS Cable & System produces cables for renewable energies including wind power and solar energy. Management solutions such as smart grids and electronic car infrastructures are also being offered. We aim to increase the rate of environment-friendly products by over 90 percent by 2013.

The winning advertisement was made in the form of a fairytale to announce LS Cable & System’s commitment to social responsibility and environment in an entertaining way.

By using copper, the main material for producing cables, in the fairytale we tried to depict the corporate identity.

LS Cable & System will continue to work on sustainable development, a task that all of humanity is faced with, through developing green technologies and new business markets.

Thank you again for the award and we wish for The Korea Herald’s continued success.

By Jo In-mook, PR team general manager at LS Cable & System