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SK Broadband stresses values

First, I want to offer thanks to The Korea Herald for awarding us and congratulations to the other recipients as well.

As a new leader in the telecommunications area that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction, SK Broadband is making efforts to produce unlimited values for the happiness of our customers in the convergence era.

In addition, SK Broadband has been leading the technological trends by commercializing the high-speed Internet ADSL for the first time in 1999 and successfully adopting the on-demand Internet protocol television service in 2006.

The awarded advertisement intended to reflect our efforts to satisfy customers through quality services that combine convenient ATM services along with economical Internet-based telephones.

We aimed to announce the launch of “ATM phone,” which enables customers who have difficulties using Internet or phone banking to perform banking tasks at home.

By displaying the signboard of banks that offer the ATM services, we tried to make customers better understand the key services.

We express gratitude to our customers who have continuously supported us and we promise to provide differentiated services to win their support in the future. Thank you.
Lee Sang-heon
Lee Sang-heon

By Lee Sang-heon, 
Head of SK Broadband corporate relations strategy office