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IBK’s ad envisions a bank for all people

The Industrial Bank of Korea deeply appreciates that its corporate PR ad, which focuses on jobs, has been honored by the 12th Korea Herald Advertising Awards, organized by the country’s biggest English-language daily newspaper.

IBK is making efforts to help implement government-led policies such as a support for small and midsize companies while trying to provide comprehensive financial services to customers around the country.

As a result, about 10 million customers visited IBK, elevating the bank to the top league in the country.

One notable initiative at IBK is moving closer to individual customers by offering high-quality products and services, which are better than any other financial firm in Korea.

But still some customers have a perception that IBK is primarily offering services to corporate clients, not individual customers. Therefore, the latest ad is aimed at delivering a message that anyone can open an account and receive quality services at IBK.

The ad also aims to highlight that IBK is trying to help the country address the employment problem by extending support to small and medium-sized firms in a way that creates jobs.

Savings by individual customers get circulated through IBK to both big and small companies in Korea, thereby revitalizing the country’s corporate sector and helping the nation create new jobs. All of this will lead to a positive outcome, a win-win path for all the members in society.

IBK’s ad illustrates the above-mentioned message as well as the bank’s social role, going beyond a simple corporate PR.

IBK will continue to make its efforts to provide better services to customers in response to the continued support from Korean people. We always appreciate the warm support and attention from customers and IBK will strive to meet such expectations with better services and products.
Son Hyun-sang
Son Hyun-sang

By Son Hyun-sang
General manager at PR department of IBK