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Dongbu Financial seeks individualized financing

Dongbu Financial Network is a total brand that holds six affiliates ― Dongbu Insurance, Dongbu Life Insurance, Dongbu Securities, Dongbu Asset Management, Dongbu Capital and Dongbu Savings Bank.

Dongbu Financial Network has been committed to constructing an overall image by making advertisements since 2003. We are in the stage of expanding the image we have gained from past efforts and combining it with Dongbu Group’s concept.

We have been delivering the message of “Individualized Financial Planning” for the last nine years in an effort to appeal to customers with the companies’ individualized approach. The coherent advertising campaign raised brand awareness of our six affiliates to the public and even upgraded the company’s standing.

From the start of launching our advertisements to now, we have been distinguishing our method by arranging monotone still cuts to let customers feel like the advertisement is their own story.

Creative advertisement techniques such as this became a symbol of Dongbu Financial Network and the slogan “Individualized Financial Planning” was modified to “Humane Financial Planning for Individuals.”

The 2011’s Dongbu Financial Network advertisement campaign aimed at portraying a warm image as a financial brand.

Also, by coming up with a new advertisement copy “It is good to have your future planned,” we added our identity of as a financial corporate.

Dongbu Financial Network will continue to strive toward individualized financial planning. We deeply appreciate The Korea Herald for giving us such an honorable award.
Yoo Ok-jin
Yoo Ok-jin

By Yoo Ok-jin
Brand team deputy general manager at Dongbu Financial