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SKT spreads positive energy through ads

Trust in potential and new hope. These two points are the main agenda in today’s society. As diversity has become more important than ever before, our society has already entered an era of “co-prosperity” and “co-existence,” in which every member seeks happiness. SK Telecom, beyond being just a mobile communication provider, was trying to deliver this positive message.

Based on this intent, SK Telecom newly introduced this year’s commercial campaign under the theme “Meet the Possibility.” In this phrase, the word “possibility” does not necessarily mean the ambitious dream of a person who has a special talent. We live in different environments with different hopes and thoughts. Each of us should be respected individually and our different hopes are equally important. SK Telecom intended to deliver a strong message that our company will encourage those people and help their dreams come true.

The company’s series of commercial campaigns under the theme “Meet the Possibility” won the grand prize of the 2011 Korea Herald Advertising Awards. Of them, possibility not only announced the start of a new series but also showed a baby and a dandelion ― both have unlimited potential to become anything in different ways.

The sequel “PyeongChang” featured Korea transforming from a wasteland for the Winter Olympics to host the event finally. That contained a positive message that even the remotest possibility can be made a reality with some trust.

The possibility that shows SK Telecom’s campaign “Meet the Possibility” is special. It’s not a story of a special person who is well-known. In the advertisement, anyone, regardless of their age, gender and environment, can have potential and SK Telecom stands to support them.

We believe the award is in recognition of our efforts. And we feel a heavier responsibility to try more in the future. In order to support all 50 million Koreans to nurture their potential, we will do our best to deliver positive messages.

I’d like to offer our deepest thanks to The Korea Herald for establishing this award for the development of the advertising industry and for awarding us.

By Lee Hang-soo
Senior vice president at SK Telecom public relations office