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‘SK wants to share happiness with customers’

I would first like to sincerely thank readers of The Korea Herald and company officials for giving us this award.

For the past 10 years, SK has been constantly communicating happiness as its brand essence. Happiness that SK pursues is happiness we share with customers as the will to develop together.

This brand spirit also applies to our global operations. As a leading Korean company in the energy, chemical and information and communications industries, SK has never stopped making efforts not just in contributing to national economic development but also in creating happiness with our customers around the world. I believe this award is the fruit of our endeavor to consistently and continually communicate our brand sprit.

Also, in our commercial we presented our sharing of happiness with international customers and business partners. We intended to uniquely deliver our message “writing greater happiness with you” ― by using items that are not usually adopted in western culture such as a traditional Korean writing brush and ink slab. The combination of the two items symbolizes SK’s will to establish a harmonious partnership with customers and to move forward together for even greater happiness. As for those in the East Asian cultural sphere, we utilized a pen and ink in the ad instead of brush and inkstone to differentiate between target audiences through a series of different commercials that were all strategically designed to promote our effort toward happiness and have an impact on customers.

SK will continue to boost the nation’s stature as a global brand representing Korea, and stay committed to our role as a global happiness messenger that is always with customers.
Lee Man-woo
Lee Man-woo

By Lee Man-woo
Senior vice-president, Brand Management Office