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New e-learning resource for young students

“Once upon a Time in Asia,” an e-learning resource on DVD format for primary and middle school students has been released by a local UNESCO office.

The DVD is comprised of six short animation films with English subtitles with a duration of approximately five minutes for each.

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding headquarters in Seoul selected original stories from school text books in China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

To keep children entertained, traditional puppetry and handicrafts of the respective countries where modified into creative styles to convey vivid colors about each country and its culture.

The DVD is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide which includes 12 lesson plans that focus on providing cultural background to each story.

The animation was produced with support from the Incheon City Office of Education as a collaborative project on Contents Development of Multicultural Society and distributed to schools, libraries, and other relevant organizations.

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