[Graphic News] Korean students rank 3rd in math and physics education

Ten- and 14-year-old students in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan outperformed their counterparts in other countries in mathematics, according to the Trends in International Mathem...

Updated : 2016.11.30 18:21

[Graphic News] OECD cuts South Korea’s 2017 growth forecast to 2.6%

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has cut its 2017 growth forecast for the South Korean economy to 2.6 percent from an earlier projection of 3 percent, citing slower governmen...

Updated : 2016.11.29 17:59

[Graphic News] Avian Influenza outbreaks

Despite the government’s stepped up quarantine measures to contain the outbreak of bird flu, a highly pathogenic aviation influenza virus appeared to be spreading rapidly throughout the nation. Fol...

Updated : 2016.11.28 18:30

[Graphic News] HIV treatment soars, but young African women suffer: UN

The number of HIV patients receiving anti-retroviral medicine has doubled in five years, the UN said. A new report by UNAIDS said it was on course to hit a target of 30 million people on ARV treatme...

Updated : 2016.11.27 18:09

[Graphic News] Military information sharing between Seoul, Tokyo

Under the General Security of Military Information Agreement that came into effect Wednesday, South Korea and Japan are to share military information classified as second-degree or less.

Updated : 2016.11.24 18:24

[Graphic News] Terrorism deaths fall in 2015: Annual global index

Terrorism deaths fell last year thanks to a weakening of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Boko Haram in Nigeria, but both groups expanded their geographic reach, a new index revealed Wednesday. S...

Updated : 2016.11.23 18:29

[Graphic News] Only 2 in 10 manager positions filled by women

Only two in 10 employees in management positions at South Korean companies are women, highlighting the continued gender disparity at work, government data released Monday showed. According to the Mi...

Updated : 2016.11.22 18:55

[Graphic News] Six countries produce 91% of gold in Asia

China is the largest gold-producing country in the world, with 91 percent of gold in Asia produced by six countries. China became the top producer of gold in 2012. The production rose from 12 tons i...

Updated : 2016.11.21 17:56

[Graphic News] Quality of life hurt by economic slowdown: report

The quality of life for South Koreans ranks 47th in the world, as the country’s economic conditions are undercut by long working hours and unemployment, a local report said Friday. The annual repor...

Updated : 2016.11.20 18:09

[Graphic News] The world’s nuclear arsenals

Though the US maintains an edge in global military force, it continues to face threats from not only member states of the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, like China and Russi, but ...

Updated : 2016.11.17 18:29

[Graphic News] Number of convenience stores surpass 30,000

The number of convenience stores nationwide surpassed 30,000 as of the end of last month, with their offerings becoming more diversified to include prepackaged meals, brewed coffee as well as financi...

Updated : 2016.11.16 18:20

[Graphic News] Multicultural population triples since 2006

The number of people in South Korea with multicultural backgrounds has more than tripled in the past decade to reach 1.71 million as of November 2015, latest government data showed Tuesday. This mar...

Updated : 2016.11.15 18:39

[Graphic News] Laos is world’s greenest country

Among Asian countries, Laos has the highest percentage of forest area at 92.1 percent of the total area of the country. On the other hand, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Pakistan are among those wit...

Updated : 2016.11.14 18:21

[Graphic News] Comparison: How much S. Korea, Japan pay for US Forces

US President-elect Donald Trump’s claims that Washington’s allies are “freeloading” on defense could foreshadow bumpy negotiations over sharing the cost of stationing US forces here. As of 2016,...

Updated : 2016.11.13 18:31

[Graphic News] How Trump’s win will affect Korean industries

Updated : 2016.11.10 19:07