[Graphic News] 1 in 4 Seoul citizens obese

Nearly 25 percent of adult citizens in Seoul were found to be obese in 2012, with the proportion on the rise for the fourth consecutive year, according to a survey of 23,165 citizens aged 19 or older...

Updated : 2013.06.27 22:34

[Graphic News] Education spending

Expensive tuition fees and the government’s limited support for public education put heavy burden on Korean students and parents, according to the OECD’s 2013 Education at a Glance survey.

Updated : 2013.06.26 20:05

[Graphic News] Smartphone penetration rate

According to data compiled by Strategy Analytics, Korea had the highest level of smartphone ownership in the world last year backed by rising demand for the device and faster Internet networks.

Updated : 2013.06.25 20:31

[Graphic News] Per capita meat consumption

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced on Sunday that Koreans consumed a total of 2.17 million tons of meat including beef, pork and chicken last year. This translates to meat consumption of ...

Updated : 2013.06.24 20:34

[Graphic News] Number of sex crimes

A report from Statistics Korea showed that sexual crimes including rape are increasing in Korean society.

Updated : 2013.06.23 20:49

[Graphic News] Nuclear warheads worldwide

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Russia to agree strategic nuclear weapons cuts of up to a third and to also rein in strategic atomic arms.

Updated : 2013.06.20 20:31

[Graphic News] Korea still in an exclusive group of soccer powers

By qualifying for its eighth consecutive FIFA World Cup finals Tuesday, South Korea maintained its standing in an exclusive group of football powers. The country lost its final qualifying match to I...

Updated : 2013.06.19 20:24

[Graphic News] Migrant workers’ pay much higher than at home

Asian migrant workers in Korea were found to receive much higher wages than they had been paid in their native countries, a poll showed this week. According to the survey of 1,058 foreign laborers f...

Updated : 2013.06.18 20:46

[Graphic News] Average smartphone now less than $300

The average selling price of smartphones worldwide dropped below $300 for the first time, according to data released Monday by Strategy Analytics. The average price for a smartphone in the first qua...

Updated : 2013.06.17 20:23

[Graphic News] Smartphone addiction jumps to 18.4% among teens

A new survey showed that 18.4 percent of Korean teenagers are addicted to their smartphone, a sharp rise from last year’s 11.4 percent. The corresponding figure for those aged 20-49 stood at 9.1 pe...

Updated : 2013.06.16 20:57

[Graphic News] Seoul 27th-cheapest city for luxury night out

A lavish night stay in Seoul costs $304 (340,000 won) on average, according to data released by TripAdvisor on Wednesday. Seoul ranked the 27th-least expensive city to stay overnight among 49 cities...

Updated : 2013.06.13 20:14

[Graphic News] Korea rated less peaceful than 2007

South Korea ranked 47th out of 162 countries on the 2013 Global Peace Index produced by the Institute of Economics and Peace, an Australia-based think tank. It marked a 15-slot drop from 2007 when t...

Updated : 2013.06.12 21:29

[Graphic News] Seoul walking trail to be finished by 2014

Seoul City said Tuesday it would complete a project to build a 157-kilometer-long walking trail (“dullegil” in Korean) around the city by late 2014. Of the eight courses, three sections with an le...

Updated : 2013.06.11 21:20

[Graphic News] Korea’s credit card use ranks No. 1 in world

Credit card usage in South Korea topped a list of major countries in 2011, data showed Monday. With usage at 129.7 transactions annually per capita, Korea ranked first among the 15 major members of ...

Updated : 2013.06.10 20:31

[Graphic News] Cross-border travel reflects inter-Korean relations

The two Koreas’ agreement to hold the first government-level talks in two years last week raised hopes that it will spur wider travel across the border, starting with Sunday’s working-level talks a...

Updated : 2013.06.09 20:53